Jan 15, 2012

Incik Einstein Is Coming (!)

*Incik Einstein*

_roma meremang

Mood : Chilled
Soundtrack : Death Is The Road To Awe - Clint Mansell

It's kind of hard to get a clear mind these days without some interruption here and there. Same goes for this morning. I planned to continue with the hikayat but another chunk of embolus stucked in my major artery to the cereberum and the medulla oblongata.

So, last night was a very, very boring night, you know? Well, doesn't matter if you know or even aware of it. Jusr finished my 'Mini Pillow' project last night. That picture above? A nearly finished demo of the 'Mini Pillow'.

Here comes the finished one....

*not so impressive eyh?*

Well, not so much tonight. Next Monday got a test. Though, I can't remember the last time, ME, doing revesion....

Anyway, NIGHTIO!~

"Terpaksa menjadi pungguk yang rindukan bulan....
Tapi malang, bulan hilang perasa vanilla kerana dicampur kopi..."

Mood : Lonely
Soundtrack : Bisikan Nurani - In-Team

_salahkah ku mengagumi perhiasan dunia?

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