Dec 6, 2010


OK,currently I'm reading this book,Men Are From Mars,Women Are From Venus written by John Gray.What did I learn about this book? Well,it's tell me that men are from Mars and women are from Venus.They live very well on their own until men form Mars STALKED the women on Venus using their High-tech Telescope.Then,they came to Venus as "gentlemen" and suprisingly,the women feel that they need the men.So,they start to live together until they moved to..yes,you guessed it right,The Earth.This is where they become all dimwit and start blaming each other for their own mess.

+ok,change language.

Pergh,malas pulak nak ikut grammar english ni.Tapi memang buku ni best r kalau nak dapat pandangan umum pasal hubungan suami isteri.Lagipun memang banyak buku pasal hubungan kalau nak ikut Syariat tapi buku ni memang xbanyak sensitiviti agama la KOT nak taip kan....

Dah la,penat ni nak tulis....buku ni pun x abes baca lagi....

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