Sep 29, 2012

Lelaki Pun PMS (!)


What do you think of a man I am? Positive? Negative? Selfish? Responsible?
Well, I can do much....but not that much. You see, I always thought myself of having some kind of mental disorders. DISORDERS.

Bipolar disorder, Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), Synaesthesia....well, you get the picture. But the problem is, I tend to have certain of these disorders at the wrong moment, in the wrong place, with the wrong what I would like to say.

In the end, we all know that destiny is destined. That's why we called it, Destiny. But, more important thing than the the Journey.

Journey from here to the Ultimate Destiny in the hereafter.


Sebenarnya, tak ada benda pun nak bebelkan kat sini. Cuma, gua berharap yang Sunan gua tu dapat dikembalikan dengan selamat kepada gua. Sebab, ada orang lain yang nak pinjam pulak. Dan gua pun tak reti sangat nak belajar Pinyin dekat Skype dengan orang tu.

Because, all I know is that I don't have the guts AND permission to Skype-ing with a girl. Exception with the only one. Nun jauh di luar Malaysia sana.


*IMS dah sampai waktu....if only I could go to Penang.....


  1. hahaha!! xde la, org lain punye problem....~~hehehe

  2. Lagi lah aku taknak pulangkan. Kbye *aku pikiq tu akak kau yang nun jauh di luar Malaysia sana*

    1. hahaha!! xde2, pulangkan jugak! Jap, kira kau tegah pegang amanah la ni kan? Untuk pulangkan buku aq....hehehe~~