Jun 2, 2011

Streamyx Problem Maa (!)


Brown is the color of stamina. You are dependable, though you can be inarticulate (yeah, dependable la sgt kalau jaga diri sendiri pun susah). Brown minded people are also very kind. You love nature, and being warm rather than cold (nope, prefer cold ;D ). You're a thinker who knows how to relax. You try your best to be a good person, and you're good with managing money (always try my best at everything QUIETLY, and I'm NOT that very good in managing money, okay? dah pokai habisan dah ni). What your life needs more of is orange (HUUUHH!!??). Sometimes you get a little stuck in your ways and forget to do exciting things once in a while. The next time you travel, don't go to a place you've been to before, pick somewhere different to explore! (CHEERS RIGHT! dah lama aq plan nak rantau satu Tanah Melayu ni laa~~) It's new and unknown, but that's the fun of it! You'll feel like you accomplished something as well as had fun on vacation.

Conclusion: Aq sendiri xtau pasal apa ngan kuiz ni. Tapi yang aq tau, Blogger xleh bukak pasal masalah Streamyx. Psai apa? Pasai aq dah test guna broadband elok mai saja. So, konfem la ni masalah line Streamyx. So, buat masa sekarang, boleh la nak main Blogger lagi, asal masuk guna broadband, bukan layanan Streamyx lagi~

p/s: Aq dekat Lumut laa!!! Syu, sorry pasal petang tadi! Tapi betul la, nak tanya pegi tanya pisang terus....

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