Jun 7, 2010

Sape Merapek??

tadi baru jalan2 kt blog Aliah ,,tetiba nmpk pulak bende ni...
memang merapek r walaupon best gak,,hehehe~~
and the result:

1.Which cartoon are you?
You are Spongebob Squarepants!

Your funny and tell the best jokes, that's the thing your friends love about you. Every word that comes out of your mouth is halarious! Keep on bein funny, please!

err...xke merapek mende ni??bole lak aq disamakan dn SS tu~~

2.What kind of novel are you?
Romance novel

Even if you have no experience in romance, no doubt you live in this novel. That's the kind of novels don't lose their charm over time. That they will always be more modern versions.

hehehe,,,yg ni xleh tolak sangat kowt...dh suke gak bce jiwang2 ni~~

3.What's your inner element?
The Chaos of Shadows

Your a darker, more mysterious person on the inside. Altough you may be more quiet then others, it dosn't mean your an outcast- it just means your shy, and are very choosey about those you choose to spend time with!

haaa,,,yg ni memang xleh co-op...aq kan girang (ceh,,girang sangat r tu!) ingat bole r dpt angin ke~

4.What's type of doodle are you?
Inanimate objects.

You draw flowers and houses and cars when bored. You like drawing and looking at things from different angles. You are funny and like to see other people happy.

Yg ni pulak half2 je...ok je kalau aq nk lukis orang...just x brapa pandai r....

Dah,,pastu dh malas nk wat mende ni...kalau nk cube,,try r kat Quizilla ni...

*xtau apsal cuti ni bosan sangat..xnk r cuti ni berlalu macam cuti kt maktab sana!!~~

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