Jun 5, 2010

O My Princess

My princess,,listen to my heart...

It is true that man who makes the first step towards the path of sins,but if you're not agreed to,that man won't dare to do so,and if it wasn't because of your 'gracefullness',the man will not become any worse.It was woman who opens the door,as if you were saying to the thief:please come in,please...and when he has stole it,you were shouting:Thief!Please,I've been robbed!

Believe me,in the mind of a man,they don't see a woman unless she has throw the cloth off her body.

Believe me,that's why don't you easily believe what have been said by man,they don't see a woman except for her manners and akhlaq.He will talk to you as a friend.Believe me,he is lying!

The smile of a man to you,the perfect manners and attention,all of that was just a trap.Then what happen?

Both of you drown in the middle of pleasure and happiness,then you were left,and forever you will feel the pain because of the pleasure.The man will find another prey to crush their crown of honor and you're the one who bear the burden of pregnancy.Your soul is crying,your face were scratched,for ever your life will be in the shame and embarassment,the society won't forgive you...

Adaptation from:
"Wahai Putriku" by Ali Tanthawi

Bende ni sebenarnya amek dari buku Solusi...pastu translate sendiri ar...kalau de pe yg x paham atau nk bace lagi byk,,leh r bace kat Solusi isu-2,m/s 78 atau buku "Wahai Putriku" tu,,OK?

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